Monday Meet The Maker

We’ve had a lot of new followers lately .. so I thought it would be fun to do a little Monday Meet the Maker ♥️

My name is Ashley .. I’m the maker behind the scenes here at LoveBird my personal account is @wildashshecomes for anyone that wants to know more about me 😉 I started making Nests exactly 4 years ago when I was pregnant with that little man I’m holding on my hip!

I used to own a CrossFit Box in Calgary and I needed a place to put him .. as I had to return to work after only 3 weeks after he was born. I saw this really cool “nest” a fellow IG’ Crossfitter from Europe was making for his wife and I thought 🤔 that’s exactly what I need! So off I went designing my own Nest just from a few pictures I had seen. A week later after I posted a picture on social media .. the orders from my friends started piling in and as I was a maker at heart I was thrilled to be sewing for extra income in my spare time!

As life unfolded .. I became a single mom of 3 shortly after he was born .. forcing a tough decision to move closer to my parents (in the Okanagan) and sell my box in Calgary.. which in turn meant I needed to have a steady income to support my family .. so I busted and hustled to grow LoveBird into a sustainable venture as I believed in the product I developed and I LOVED sewing!! Blood sweat and tears is no joke!!! 2 years into LoveBird that handsome devil to my right came into my life ♥️ he took on a single mom of 3 and a crazy mommapreneur .. jumped right in .. started helping me grow my business and he even learned how to sew!! He’s the best damn sewer I’ve ever seen actually .. I’m impressed constantly by his perfectionist outlook towards his work! We now both sew and run LoveBird together full time!

And a year ago we had that surprise little bundle in his arms arrive and make our little family complete!! So when you support LoveBird .. THIS is what you’re ultimately supporting .. and as I write this my eyes are full of tears as I am so eternally grateful for all of YOU .. there are just no words. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!

♥️ Ashley xo

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